Especially since the Uri attacks, the discussion about our soldiers lives have come to the forefront. While there are people on social media, calling for an all-out war against Pakistan, there are others, who are talking about how military confrontration will only result in loss of lives on both sides.

Very few people are actually asking what the soldiers think. 

Thankfully, there are some who understand the value and sacrifice of our men in uniform. We found this image of a certain restaurant, named Neelkanth on Reddit. This restaurant situated at Raipur Railway Station offers food at a special discount for Indian soldiers. Also, they give free food to the parents of a martyred soldier. Take a look.


It’s not about giving a monetary discount. It’s about showing respect and doing whatever you can, for the people who put their life at stake for protecting us.


Neelkanth Resturant, apart from our brave soldiers, we salute you too. Hope this will motivate others to do whatever they can. Even a squirrel’s share means a lot.