Amidst nation-wide protests against the controversial CAA-NRC-NPR, over a 100 retired bureaucrats cited grave reservations about the acts and wrote an open letter to the people saying that NPR and NRC are ‘unnecessary and wasteful exercises’.


Among the bureaucrats are former LG Governor of Delhi, Najeeb Jung, former cabinet secretary K M Chandrasekhar and former chief information commissioner Wajahat Habibullah. 


The letter raises questions about the constitutional legality of the CAA.  

We have our grave reservations about the Constitutional validity of the CAA provisions, which we also consider to be morally indefensible. We would like to emphasise that a statute that consciously excludes the Muslim religion from its purview is bound to give rise to apprehensions in what is a very large segment of India’s population… The problem is magnified in a country where the maintenance of birth records is poor, coupled with highly inefficient birth registration systems

According to The Quint, they urged fellow citizens to ask the central government to repeal relevant sections of the Citizenship Act 1955, pertaining to the issue of national identity cards.

At a time when the economic situation in the country warrants the closest attention of the government, India can ill afford a situation where the citizenry and the government enter into confrontation on the roads… Nor is it desirable to have a situation where the majority of state governments are not inclined to implement the NPR/NRC, leading to an impasse in Centre-state relations, so crucial in a federal set up like India. 

The retired bureaucrats have also urged people to ask the government to withdraw the Foreigners (Tribunals) Amendment Order, 2019 and all instructions to construct detention camps.