There couldn’t possibly be a bigger way of expressing love for your nation, than dedicating your whole life to serving its people.

And there couldn’t perhaps be a bigger disappointment than being let down by the same people.

In the recent Delhi riots, 58-year-old Aish Mohammad, who served in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) for 22 years, lost his house and most of his belongings – reports NDTV.

Retired as a head constable in 2002, Mohammad was with his 26-year-old son in their Bhagirathi Vihar house, when a mob entered and set it on fire.

The two managed to escape by jumping on the neighbour’s roof, but lost two storeys of their home, their bikes and all the jewellery.

The Print/Image from Delhi riots

Residing in a makeshift tent in Delhi’s Mustafabad, Mohammad told NDTV:

“200-300 rioters came and threw stones, fired bullets and then set fire to the house. I was inside with my 26-year-old son. We went to the terrace and jumped into the neighbour’s house. My niece was set to get married on the 29th March so all jewels were kept and they robbed it all.
India Today/Image from Delhi riots

Mohammad has sent his wife and sons to their hometown Bulandshahar, but has stayed back himself to take care and rebuild their ruined house.

Having gone through all that he has, the dejected retired head constable said he doesn’t have the right to live in India.

In 1991, I even served in Kashmir and suffered injuries. Now after what has been done in the riots I feel I do not have a right to live in this country.

In a similar incident, BSF Jawaan Mohammad Anees also lost his property as a violent crowd burnt down his house while saying, “Idhar aa Pakistani, tujhe naagarikta dete hai”. Which translates to: ‘Come here Pakistani, we’ll give you citizenship’.