Online right wing media outlet Niticentral has called it a day just seven months before the portal would have celebrated its fourth year in operation. 

The announcement has been put on the Niticentral website.  

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The website was launched in August 2012 by Rajesh Jain, under the umbrella of NitiDigital venture, to “challenge the mainstream media by providing an alternate, Right of Center, perspective.”  

Niticentral also played its part in polishing the right-wing economic agenda and policies in the wake of 2014 Lok Sabha elections that saw BJP’s ascendance to power at centre, the website states in its Mission Statement of offering “Bold and Right” perspectives to the Indians. 

Senior journalist Kanchan Gupta previously associated with The Pioneer ran the news and commentary website at the time of inception. 

While a news venture failing to survive is not a rare occurrence, what made Niticentral’s announcement of shutting down so special was a slew of Twitter reactions bashing right-wing Bhakts. 

Here are some Twitter reactions: 

But there were few who showed worry over the subtraction of a right-wing publication from its propaganda arsenal:

Feature image source: YouTube screenshot