With a heavy heart, the rock’n’roll fraternity bade goodbye to Glenn Frey, founding member of the California band, Eagles. Yes, the same band that gave us Hotel California and Take It Easy. After fighting a courageous battle with illness, Frey succumbed to complications arising out of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. 

Despite being the founding member of the band, Frey’s contributions were a little shadowed, which could probably be attributed to the band’s success as a unit. His way of effortlessly jostling between easy croons and raspy rock vocals, helped define Eagles’ sound!

Here are 10 of his best songs with Eagles:

1. Out of Control

Frey’s awesome crooning, perfectly in sync with the acoustic country ballad.


2. Life in the Fast Lane

Frey continued playing it even after Eagles disbanded, proving he’s a badass even after his days of yore were long gone.


3. Lyin’ Eyes

This song sung by Frey was the Eagles’ first and biggest country hit!


4. New Kid in Town

Hotel California is a masterpiece of an album, with Frey writing most of the songs on it. This one was extra special. 

5. Busy Being Fabulous

Off their 2007 album Long Road Out of Eden, this song co-written with Don Henley gave the Eagles another radio hit. 


6. Already Gone

Leaving their country influences behind, Eagles adopted a more abrasive rock sound.


7. Tequila Sunrise

One of the prime examples of Frey’s smooth, easy vocal style.


8. Heartache Tonight

Only Glenn Frey’s vocal-style could do justice to songs relating to heartbreaks.

9. Desperado

Emotive, easy and raspy is the best way to describe Glenn Frey’s vocals.


10. Take it Easy

Perhaps one of their most popular hits, ‘Take It Easy’ was a proper amalgamation of country and rock music.


Rest In Power, you legend!