On Wednesday, May 6, Salman Khan was convicted and sentenced to five years in jail for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. While the case was in its final moments, thousands of fans, Salman’s colleagues and members of the film fraternity flocked to Twitter to share their grief and support the fallen actor.

While most of the messages on social media depicted love and support, there were some celebrities who went a little over board and lost all sense of decency. Singer Abhijeet tweeted some appalling things.

In response to these horrendous tweets, actors Rishi Kapoor and Sonakshi Sina took to the site to distance themselves from the vitriolic and insensitive tweets. Rishi Kappor went so far as to condemn the singer for his messages.

In an interview with Times Now, Abhijeet defended his tweets and explained the meaning behind them to Arnab Goswami.

Goswami asked him whether there was any sense to what he tweeted. To this Abhijeet answered, “When you tweet, you forget the sense.”

He then went on to explain what he meant, “Mera sense yeh tha, it is for the dignity of the human being . Aap ek human hoke, aap kuttey ki tarah kyun maroge”.

To another question of Goswami’s, Abhijeet replied saying, “There is no difference between footpath and road” . He tried to explain that footpaths are extremely dangerous in India. Therefore people should not be sleeping on them because India meh aise hota rehta hai”.

The full interview is available on YouTube .

Feature image source: YouTube