The old bridge, which was constructed during the time of the British Raj, was shut after an expert panel discussed the issue and suggested that the bridge was not in a condition to bear anymore load. 

Rishikesh’s iconic suspension bridge, ‘Lakshman Jhula’ which was constructed over the Ganga has closed after 90 years. 


The Public Works Department (PWD) had an expert panel that studied the carrying capacity of the bridge and deemed it a potential threat which is beyond repair. Uttarakhand Additional Chief Secretary Om Prakash also weighed in on the situation, saying 

We observed that several components of the bridge are in very bad condition. This bridge should not be permitted for pedestrian movement from now onwards. It is not in a position to sustain any more with the present condition. It is highly recommended this bridge be closed with immediate effect, else some big mishap could take place.
Financial Express

The 284-feet-long bridge has seen a sharp rise in traffic and pedestrian movement in recent times. Since 1929, the bridge has attracted a lot of tourists and locals alike. In earlier times, the bridge was typically used by Char Dham pilgrims. It used to swing slightly, due to which it was named a ‘Jhula’. 


A ‘Ram Jhula’ was also created in the 1990’s to support the load on the Lakshman jhula. Officials are yet to decide whether the bridge needs to be dismantled.