Being broke 24×7 is a constant state for everybody. But what if you get robbed off of the little money you painstakingly scrape, sloughing through that 9-to-5 job? Well, it turns out, robbers do understand our misery.

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This bizarre news comes right from Hyuan, China where a robber returned the money which he stole from his victim after checking her bank balance.


According to Shanghaiist, a woman surnamed Li was making a withdrawal at an ATM when a man propped up behind her, brandishing a knife.

As she handed over the 2,500 yuan she had withdrawn, the robber demanded to see her bank balance. 

However, after checking her bank balance and realising she had no money left, he handed her money back and left.

Kyunki humanity comes before pappi paet


His change of heart was lauded by people on Twitter.

Unfortunately for him, it had no effect on the police who later detained him.