This modern day Robin Hood had quite a taste for the good life. Irfan, 27, stole from Delhi’s rich and organised health camps in his village in Bihar.

He kept quite a bit of the loot for himself too – spending lavishly on expensive cars, fashionable apparel and trips to watering holes in Mumbai and Delhi, police said.

That was until he was nabbed by a Delhi Police team from his village in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district on July 6. 

b”He was arrested on July 6 after being caught on CCTV footage in the capital’s New Friends Colony | Source: PTI”

Police said he would roam barefoot around posh colonies in the capital, break open doors or windows, and vanish with valuables, always acting alone.

In one of the bars in Delhi, he once offered to pay Rs 10,000 to hear a song of his choice, said Romil Baaniya, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast).

He was arrested on July 6 after being caught on CCTV footage in the capital’s New Friends Colony, allegedly after robbing gold and diamond jewelry from a resident, who filed a police complaint on May 24.

According to Indian Express he accidentally dropped his girlfriend’s mobile phone at the house he robbed which eventually led police to him. 

“He maintained a larger-than-life image in his native area. He would often fund health camps for people in his village,” said Baaniya.

b’CCTV Footage grab | Source: The Hindu’

The official said he was quite active on social media and would spend large sums of money to impress his girlfriend.

He also ran a fake Facebook profile under the name of Aryan Khanna, reported Indian Express.  

The police also arrested one Dharmender who used to buy the valuables from Irfan. Stolen jewellery weighing 320 grams was recovered from them.

Irfan claims to have committed burglaries in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab as well, Baaniya said.

(Feature image source: Reuters)