Rohit Sharma scored a blistering 264 off 173 balls in the 4th ODI between India and Sri Lanka. He broke the previous record for highest score in an ODI which was Virender Sehwag’s 219. India has already won the 5-match series and is placed at the top of the ICC ODI team rankings. Doesn’t it all seem like a dream for any batsman?

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about Rohit’s amazing achievement.

1. Payback time for old sins

2. So true!

3. Seems legit

4. Well played team. Really surprising.

5. And now it gets evil

6. I know right

7. And here comes the Maggi reference

8. And the Rahul Gandhi reference

9. And the Congress reference

10. And an ‘Interstellar’ reference

11. So naturally, a ‘Dhoom 3’ reference

12. And as long as we are joking, let’s include a Kejriwal joke, because it works.

So, if you’ve recently broken a world record or won a Nobel Prize, remember this, ‘Doesn’t matter what you’ve done, someone will troll you on Twitter.’ 🙂