Just a few days after communal violence in Delhi claimed the lives of 46 people and destroyed the livelihoods of many more, filmmaker Rohit Shetty has said that the best thing for Indians to do right now is to ‘stay silent’. 


Speaking at the trailer launch of his upcoming film Sooryavanshi, Shetty told Hindustan Times

It’s a very serious issue and a lot of people are talking about it. The best thing right now for all of us would be to stay calm. Our officials, the government, our people are there… It’s easy to talk about what people have gone through there while doing an event here. So, the best thing, right now, for entire India would be to stay silent.
New Indian Express

Shetty said that while the riots were scary, the CM and others were doing all they could to control the situation. 

Everyone’s been talking and the chaos is increasing. If we stay quiet, things will fall in place. There’s a chief minister, others are there. Has anyone seen riots? You’ll be shit scared. One should never engage in it. I can give a lecture, people will praise me on social media. But right now, we all should stay silent about it for a few days… Until it is sorted, let’s us not speak. 
Deccan Herald

Shetty was also asked if his films like Singham glorified police brutality, to which the filmmaker said that the reporter asking these questions had seen the wrong films and claimed that none of his films contained police brutality.