Amsterdam is known for its coffee shops selling marijuana in all its gloriously varied forms, but even they don’t go to the brazen lengths that Bolivia apparently goes through. If you thought selling pot at cafes was progressive, take a wide-eyed gander below.

In La Paz, Bolivia, there exists a bar named Route 36, otherwise ostensibly known as the first cocaine bar in the world. It’s an after-hours bar where, along with your cocktail of choice, you can also order the ol’ disco powder by the gram (around 100 Bolivianos). The place frequently changes location to dodge the cops, though you’re free to do whatever the fuck you like once inside.

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As fascinating as that sounds, it isn’t really surprising that a spot like this has popped up in a place like Bolivia, where the coca leaf is widely popular (although cocaine itself is still illegal) and local cultivation is relatively simple. The fact that it changes location constantly means that you can only find out about it through word of mouth. 

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According to The Guardian, the place usually resembles a generic lounge with a bunch of tables and chairs set up, replete with a sub-par DJ and a shiny disco ball. Obviously, backpackers and substance thrill-seekers don’t exactly go here for the ambience, but for the easy (to put it mildly) availability of coke as well as a hassle-free place to consume it in.

Source: Theguardian

While there’s no denying the fact that Route 36 is a curious novelty, it’s important to remember that cocaine is a highly destructive drug that can easily lead to dependence. So if you plan to head off to South America in search of the cokehead’s El Dorado, try to keep that in mind!