The total amount of seizure in the raid by the city police at a law firm in southeast Delhi’s GK-I area on Sunday neared Rs 13.5 crore, of which Rs 2.6 crore was in new banknotes released after demonetisation, a senior police official said.

The raid was carried out by Crime Branch at the office of T&T Law Firm last night, the officer said.

“The recovered amount is close to Rs 13.5 crore. Out of the recovered money, Rs 7 crore is in the form of demonetised Rs 1,000 notes.

b’Representative image | Source: PTI’

“Rs 3 crore is in the form of Rs 100 notes and Rs 2.61 crore is in the form of Rs 2,000 denominations. Rest of the cash is in the form of Rs 50 and Rs 500 denominations,” said Ravindra Yadav, joint commissioner of police (Crime).

When the police team raided the office, the rooms were locked and a caretaker was present.

“It’s probably one of the several office premises which was mainly used as cash godown guarded by just one guard,” said the officer.

Police said that more cash was likely to be recovered in the follow-up raids.

The IT department has been informed and will be probing the case ahead. Police said that the law firm whose office was raided belongs to Rohit Tandon. According to I-T department sources, the lawyer had recently declared unaccounted income worth over Rs 125 crore after searches were carried out against him.

(Feature image source: Reuters)