Be it the top authorities or the mantris, following rules isn’t particularly what we are known for. Honestly, some of us can get away with anything. But in Romania, even the highest authorities have to pay for breaking the rules. 

That’s right! According to reports, Romanian PM Ludovic Orban didn’t follow the rules of social distancing and paid a hefty fine of $600 for smoking indoors, drinking and holding a meeting in a government building with several other Cabinet ministers. 

News 18

Apparently this happened after a viral picture surfaced on social media where the Prime Minister and others were seen smoking with food and bottles of alcohol on the table. None of them were seen wearing a mask.   

In a statement, the PM acknowledged that he breached the rules. 

The prime minister knows rules must be obeyed by all citizens, regardless of their position. If the law is broken then sanctions must be enforced. 
Euro News

Don’t know when would we get to see this, but let’s hope that our authorities learn something from this incident.