Vaccination is a priority right now for most nations. And, while India is currently facing a vaccine shortage, Russia is offering overseas ‘vaccine tourism’. Yes, you read that right.

A Dubai-based travel agency is offering a 24-day package tour from Delhi to Moscow and travelers who are interested to take this up, will be taken on a sightseeing tour in Russia and will be offered two shots of the Sputnik V vaccines, along with the certificate of vaccination.

The entire package is worth ₹1.29 lakh including, the cost of getting vaccinated. In an interview with India Today, the travel agency said:

The batch that is supposed to leave for May 29 is fully booked with about 28 passengers. The next batch will leave on June 7 and June 15.

During the 21-day interval between the two jabs, all travelers will get to stay in a 3-star hotel in St Petersburg for 4 days. The rest of the 20 days they will spend in Moscow and indulge in some sightseeing.

However, the visa fee of ₹10,000 is not included in the package so each individual will have to pay a total of 1.39 lakhs and each slot will include 30 passengers. As per reports, Indian passport holders can travel to Russia right now without any restrictions.

Here’s what social media users think about this initiative:

Though, visa rules and flight status is not fixed given the current scenario so it’s advisable to check flight status and other relevant information before booking your trip. 

Currently, Russia is allowing entry of Indian travelers with a negative PCR report without quarantine on arrival. 

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