We have all had our unique experiences of bunking our schools and colleges. But this story about a kindergarten school in Russia will leave you wondering.

Two five-year-old boys studying in a pre-school in the Ural Mountains city of Magnitogorsk used spades to dig out a tunnel under the fence to escape the kindergarten premises. And all this to buy a luxury car!


The pre-planned ‘operation’ was executed during their afternoon break, when the boys crawled under the fence. They then walked to a Jaguar car dealership which was 2 kms away. They were finally ‘caught’ when a woman at the showroom asked the boys why they were there, to which they honestly replied about their intention to buy a luxury car. The kids were then safely escorted to the nearest police station.


Chelyabinsk regional interior ministry confirmed the boys’ escape from the kindergarten. “We don’t have any details yet, we can only confirm the fact itself,” a spokesman said, as reported by the Guardian .

“This is considered a very serious violation,” the head of the pre-school department of Magnitogorsk, Olga Denisenko reported the Guardian . The teacher on duty when the duo escaped has since been fired as per reports.