…and life was never the same again.

Earlier used an an exaggeration to talk about something drastic, this phrase has become too real in the post-pandemic world.

Everything has changed. For real. How we interact, how we dine, how we entertain ourselves… and how we get haircuts. Well, at least till the time a permanent solution for coronavirus is found.

For instance, this is what a salon in Madhya Pradesh now looks like.

Salon workers in PPE suits, customers in masks – this is the ‘new normal’.


So, if you plan on a visit to get that haircut you’ve been wanting for ages, be prepared for a situation like this.


The situation is pretty much the same in other parts of India. 


This salon from Gujarat, for instance. The workers are wearing PPE and people coming in for a haircut are made to sit on alternate chairs for social distancing.

Not only this, there also reports that people will apparently have to show their Aadhaar card to get a haircut in Tamil Nadu.

This is to make sure that contract tracing can be easier in case someone turns out to be corona-positive. 

Gotta get used to this.