Gay love among penguins isn’t unheard of and it just further proves that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon. Another adorable example of the same is this same-sex penguin couple in Germany who was dedicatedly trying to become parents by trying to hatch a stone.

Washington Post

After witnessing their attempts at parenthood, the staff at Berlin Zoo decided to provide the male couple with an egg. It took them no time to incubate the egg. 

Apparently, the egg came from a heterosexual couple who do not get along with each other and in the recent years, have often damaged their eggs. 

Zookeepers at the zoo expressed that 10-year-old Skipper and Ping were an “excellent” choice to be the egg’s adoptive parents. However, they still don’t know if the egg is fertilised and if it is, it’ll be the first penguin birth at the zoo in 20 years.

The Inquisitr.

I ship this penguin-ship.