Is there anything in this world that women can’t do? You just have to name it and there would already be a woman getting it done and remarkably so. 

Talking about extraordinary women, the team responsible for building the rocket for Jeff Bezos’ space venture Blue Origin also includes a 30-year-old woman from Mumbai’s Kalyan named Sanjal Gavande. 

Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is all set to launch into space on July 20 and it is for this mission that Sanjal helped build the rocket system called New Shepard. 

Sanjal was working for marine and racing car companies before her dream of building a spacecraft came true. 

She was pursuing a master’s program in mechanical engineering at Michigan Technological University which she cleared with a first-class. Before this, she had studied at Mumbai University. 

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While in conversation with The Times Of India, Sanjal’s mother shared that: 

From childhood, my daughter has been into space and we are proud that from making car engines she has graduated to rockets. 
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Her mother Surekha is a retired MTNL employee while her father is a retired Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation Officer. 

As per the same reports, Sanjal is elated that her dream is finally coming true and she is proud to be a part of team Blue Origin.

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When Sanjal was working at Toyota, she used to take flying lessons on the weekend after which she got her pilot’s license in 2016. 

Although she had applied at NASA, she couldn’t land a job due to citizenship issues. All worked out for the best because she later applied at Blue Origin where she got in as a system engineer.

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Needless to say, desis were impressed by this amazing feat and this is what they had to say.  

Instagram/ Times Of India
Instagram/ Times Of India
Instagram/Times Of India
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Coming from a humble family, Sanjal has worked hard to achieve her dream and there’s nothing that can stop her.