With over a billion citizens, India boasts of diversity in culture, languages and religions. Yet, people are continuously trolled and abused over their religions almost every single day. Especially, if you are a celebrity.

Recently, Sara Ali Khan was trolled for something that was truly her choice. 

While she was shooting in Guwahati, she decided to visit the well-known Kamakhya temple in Assam. With stunning architecture and vintage bells, she posted some pictures on her IG.

While a lot of local people welcomed her to their city, others asked her to decide her religion.

While her actor father, Saif Ali Khan is a Muslim and her actor mother, Amrita Singh, is a Sikh, people disgraced her for visiting a temple.


Here’s how disgustingly people reacted (TW: some comments might make you puke): 

However, there were some comments that restored our faith in humanity.


You can see the entire post here:

Note: All the images are taken from Sara Ali Khan’s IG unless specified otherwise. 

It’s 2021 and we are still fighting over religions. Irony?