While the Gurgaon rape case involving a Saudi diplomat, who was accused of raping two Nepali women along with his guests, created an uproar, the diplomat has reportedly left India. The Indian Express reported that the announcement came after Saudi government’s decision to recall accused Majed Hassan Ashoor who enjoyed diplomatic immunity.

The Indian government and the MEA were already asking the Saudi Embassy to cooperate with the probe and let Gurgaon police question Ashoor, while the Embassy dismissed the charges as false and protested police action, calling it an “intrusion” in the diplomat’s house.

The 50-year-old is believed to have shifted from his Gurgaon residence where he lived with his family, and taken shelter in the Embassy premises following the FIR against him. The Gurgaon police had rescued the two Nepali women from Ashoor’s house and filed an FIR against him on September 7.

The Nepali government appreciated Gurgaon police’s role and said they are still hopeful, since the Saudi and Nepali governments have good ties.

The diplomat could not have been tried under Indian law unless his diplomatic immunity was waived by Saudi authorities, and now that he has left the country there seems to be little hope for justice.

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