Yes, yes. We all know. We Indians, we're a different level of cheap. Or smart. Depends on who you ask (it's smart BTW). But even we don't have all the hacks when it comes to saving money. Not yet anyway. So here are a few to get you all up to speed:

1. When you're looking for airline tickets, clear your cache to get cheaper deals.

Booking companies and airlines use your internet history to know when you're searching and raise prices. Or better yet, go incognito. After all, it can be used for more than one thing.

2. Just drink more water. Seriously.

The thing is, if you're dehydrated, your body triggers a false feeling of hunger. Which makes you want to order in. And bye bye cash!

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3. When shopping online, put all the stuff in your cart. But don't buy them.

And wait for a few days. Eventually you will get a crazy discount. Yes, this works.

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4. Increase your car's mileage by maintaining the tyre pressure.

When your car tyres' pressure decrease, so does your car's mileage. And you thought it was just for the suspension?

Source: Motorbeam

5. Prolong your battery life.

And no, we don't mean you should rub them together. All you have to do is put them in a freezer to increase their life.

Source: Athomewithtech

6. Or just use a single battery.

Most small household objects actually need very little power to run. So if you have one fresh battery for your TV remote, just put that in and then use an appropriately sized bolt or paper clip for the second battery slot (to complete the circuit you see). And voila! Single battery powered remote.

Source: YouTube

7. Always, always pay the whole amount of your credit card bill.

Most of us just pay the minimum amount. We don't realise it, but we're still charged for the interest on that amount.

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8. Rub a banana on your DVDs.

Yeah I get that most of us don't use them any more. But for those that do, don't throw away your old CDs or DVDs. Rubbing a banana on them will repair most minor scratches.

Source: Globeviews

9. Drop a brick or a bottle of sand in your flush tank.

A bottle of sand can displace enough water to save almost 40 litres per day. Per day. That's nearly 280 litres per week. And that, ladies and gentlemen, translates to huge savings on your water bill.

Source: Ohioedu

10. The My Airtel app .

All you have to do is get the My Airtel app, shake and wait for the amazing money saving offers to fall out.

So why are you still here? Time is money!

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