This afternoon, the Supreme Court talked about the deteriorating air and water quality in the capital. The bench asked the Punjab and Haryana government about what steps they have taken to prevent stubble burning in their states. 

The bench, headed by Justice Arun Mishra along with Justice Deepak Gupta, emphasized on the fact that the life span of millions has shortened and people are suffocating due to pollution in Delhi-NCR. 

The conversation about air pollution in Delhi-NCR also highlighted the stubble burning issues in Uttar Pradesh. 

To tackle this, Delhi’s Chief Secretary tells the Supreme Court to set up air-purifying towers in the city. 

The alarming air quality isn’t the only problem that Delhi is facing, in fact, water pollution is also prevalent in the capital. So, the Supreme Court made sure they talked about it as well. 

Isn’t it sad that people in Delhi have to suffer for basic things like clean air and water? Hope the government do something about this soon.