In today’s bizarre news, the Supreme court has approved new norms for devotees to worship the famous Mahakal Temple in Ujjain. The order directs that devotees only offer RO water for ‘jal abhishek’ of Lord Mahakal to prevent the sacred ‘Shiva lingam’ from shrinking.  

The case

According to Zee News, Ujjaini Vidwat Parishad, an independent body raised concerns over the gradual shrinking of the lingam due to excessive offering of ‘panchamrit’ (milk, curd, honey, sugar and ghee) and ‘bhaang shingar’ (offering of bhaang).

They, in turn had demanded to restrict the quantity of the mentioned offerings at the temple, which the court took into consideration. 

After constituting a committee of experts from Archaeological Survey of India and Geological Survey of India, who visited the temple, it was recommended that certain offerings be restricted to preserve the lingam. 

And of course, Twitter had a lot to say!

While ‘obviously’ a few were offended

..A few welcomed the decision 

Others had some ‘legit’ (ahem) concerns 

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