After two consecutive rulings related to child sexual abuse from Justice Pushpa Virendra Ganediwala, a Supreme Court collegium has decided that it’s best that she continues as an additional judge and has withdrawn its request to the Ministry of Law to make her permanent.

News 18

Justice Pushpa Virendra Ganediwala is the lawmaker who ruled that pressing breasts without skin-to-skin contact is not sexual abuse, which led to a nation-wide furor.

Following this, reservations against her appointment as the permanent judge had started being vocalised, and the final nail in the coffin proved to be another judgment, just as skewed as the one before, which ruled that unzipping pants cannot be categorised as sexual abuse under the POCSO act.

In what is not a very common practice, the Supreme Court withdrew its recommendation from the Law Ministry and Justice Gendiwala will continue to be the additional judge for the Nagpur bench of the Mumbai High Court.

Justice Gendiwala had been appointed as the additional judge for the Bombay High Court in 2019.