If you think being a morgue keeper is scary and working as an animal masturbator is downright terrible, then you are probably not aware of this ancient art where poop is analysed to predict people’s futures.

Scatomancy is defined as the art of reading people’s fortunes by analysing their fecal matter.


We already told you that it’s an ancient ‘art’ and rightly so. The practice was most popular in ancient Egypt where dung beetles were employed to weave dung balls. It was their behaviour and movement during the process and also the appearance of dung balls that was used for predictions. Apart from that, feces and urine examinations were and are still used for medical diagnoses. 

Scatomancy for medical diagnoses is fine but as far as predicting the future is concerned, it sounds like a load of crap.


According to S. S. Singh, a scatomancer by profession, “the stronger the aroma, the more accurate the prediction”. I know nothing about such prophecies but it can surely tell what a person ate in the past few hours.

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