There is no denying the fact that women in our country are constantly under risk. Unsafe conditions remain widespread and the news reports seem to offer no comfort. In order to safeguard themselves, they invariably have to battle with a number of problems in this country.

But, at the same time, moving towards a more constructive future, our country has taken this issue forward. The need for self-defence programmes for women has now been taken seriously and significant steps have been taken to impart young women with the skills they’ll need to defend themselves.

Adding one more diamond to the crown is a school in Hyderabad, Saint Maaz High School, which provides self-defence lessons to the girls studying in their school, as an important part of the curriculum.


These girls, dressed in Hijabs, have remarkable acrobatic skills, concentration and self-control. They seem to champion any martial art form. Most of them are hardly between 10 to 16 years of age but they can already kick some serious ass. 


Highly motivated by their parents and school officials, these girls go through a regular training session every day and are on their way to master various forms of martial arts.


Here is a demonstration of their skills:

 This is exactly what we need!

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