In 2003, the loveable Munna advocated ‘jaadu ki jappis’ and Indians totally got on board with the revolutionary idea.

In 2018, however, the self-proclaimed moral guardians of society pissed on this beautiful philosophy. But the people of Kolkata came together, and showed that every once in a while, everyone needs a hug.

While some people are obviously not sold on the concept, we’re still trying to salvage the idea of hugs being pretty awesome. Seriously guys hugs are the best. Even science says so.

1. When you hug someone, you protect them against stress and infection.

Research shows that those who hug more often are less likely to catch common illnesses like the flu.

ANI/ Twitter

2. It can get rid of deep-seated fears.

Hugging brings down levels of stress and helps us deal with fear better.


3. It helps bring your blood-pressure down.

Not only does hugging reduce stress, it also significantly brings one’s blood pressure down.


4. It lowers your resting heart-rate.

According to studies, one’s heart-rate is nearly 5 beats lower after hugging someone.


5. It releases oxytocin in your brain.

Hugging releases oxytocin — the happy hormone — in your body.

ANI/ Twitter

6. Hugs are an important part of infant development.

Hugging your kids regularly helps in their overall development and wellbeing.


7. It can actually reduce pain.

Hugging releases endorphins which helps lower levels of pain.


8. It helps increase empathy.

Hugging makes you a more empathic and understanding person.


9. It helps relieve depression.

As hugging releases dopamine in one’s system, it helps relieve conditions like depression and anxiety.


10. And last of all, it’s totally okay to hug someone, wherever you feel like as long as everyone involved wants it.

Because why not?


Let’s all unite and be hug-dealers.

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