29-year-old Katie Bouman has been in news all around the world, over the past few days. 

And deservingly so. Her algorithm made it possible for us to see the picture of a black hole in our lifetimes. 

Her achievement was like a slap on the faces of people who think ‘women can’t code’ and we couldn’t be happier.


However, even she couldn’t escape trolling by sexist people. No sooner than the news of her contribution began to circulate, people came forward to state that she is getting too much credit for too little work. 

For instance, this person who made a Reddit post just on the topic that she shouldn’t be getting the credit for this insane achievement. 

The funny part is, Katie has herself denied the claim that it was only her work that made it possible to get the picture and has been very careful about giving credit where it’s due. 

But when have trolls ever functioned with logic? They insist that it was Andrew Chael who did most of the work and should be getting the credit (because he can’t speak for himself, right?) 

Seeing his co-worker being trolled on social media, Chael posted a series of tweets, clarifying that Katie did make a huge contribution and so did the entire team. 

He also clarified that he didn’t write ‘850,000 lines of code’, a claim made by many people; and reiterated on the importance of being a ‘decent human’

Hoping that the matter is settled now because we have a clarification.