A Panjab University scientist, Ashu Khosla, after conducting research on the origins and existence of dinosaurs in India for the last 25 years has claimed that it was the God Brahma who had first discovered dinosaurs. 


Well, that’s 25 years well spent!

Speaking to the Indian Express, the associate professor in the department of geology at Panjab University said that India was a hotspot for dinosaur breeding and evolution before extinction. 

 A dinosaur named Rajasaurus had originated in India.
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Khosla cited the Vedas as his primary source and said:

There is nothing that Lord Brahma, who is the creator of this universe, did not know. He was completely aware of the existence of dinosaurs and even mentioned them in Vedas. Before anyone else in the world, it was Lord Brahma who discovered dinosaurs’ existence on earth.

That there, kids, is the unholy union of science and mythology. 

Khosla presented these claims at the 106th Indian Science Congress held at Lovely Professional University. 

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He also claimed that the ancient creatures were mentioned in Vedas by tracing the word ‘dinosaur’ and linking it back to Sanskrit. 

‘Dino’ means terrible, it translates to ‘daayan’ and ‘saur’, which otherwise means lizard, is related to ‘asur’. So, everything that exists on earth is well-mentioned in Vedas.

The geologist also claimed to have discovered an Indian dinosaur in the Kheda district of Gujarat and named it ‘Rajasaurus Narmadaensis’.

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He added: 

When we found the remains of Rajasaurus in Gujarat in 2001 along the banks of river Narmada, we named it ‘Raja’ to signify ‘lion’ as it was a meat-eating dinosaur. It was believed that Rajasaurus was linked to Tyranosaurus, which had origin in North America, but we proved that Rajasaurus was a new dinosaur and originated in India.
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When asked about the scientific evidence for his claims as the Vedas were written roughly 25,000-30,000 years ago, whereas dinosaurs had become extinct some 6.5 crore years earlier, he said:

Since Vedas were not written on paper, but on leaves, we might not have scientific evidence, but dinosaurs were certainly mentioned in Vedas by Lord Brahma.

This ironically and tragically has not been the first time something so profoundly unscientific has been claimed to be true at the Indian Science Congress