Let me just start this article by saying that being a woman is not the easiest thing humans have known. We are constantly put into brackets of how we are ought to be behaving and looking. And this is when we stick to 'women's jobs'.

Dare you go for something more 'manly'. You see people dictating every move and judging every action.

So what do we do in such a situation? We wear sparkles and block all the negativity with the shimmer.

The woman you see in the picture above, is Rita J King, co-director of Manhattan-based consultancy firm Science House who defines herself as a 'writer, reader and a futurist' on Twitter.

Rita J King  co director of Science House
Source: Poetic Justice

She recently posted a picture of herself wearing the most shimmery dress she could find for a talk she gave at NASA.

This was back in 2011, when the organisers of the event told her about the rather unexpected request. A group of little girls had said that they want to see Rita in a shimmery dress.

Rita J King in a shimmery dress during a NASA talk
Source: Romper

Trying to make the point that women can be anything and wear anything, Rita honoured their request 'so they could believe that scientists could also be sparkly'.

They can be, indeed, out of this world.