You know that little machine you have to blow into, for the cops to find out if you are drunk?

Times of India

Yeah well, that same machine is now being made for stoners!

See, right now, testing a person for marijuana consumption requires blood, urine or hair samples and the results show if they have THC in their system, and not if they are currently under the influence.


Well, that is about to change soon.

According to Vice, scientists are sprinting towards a weed breathalyzer. If when and you eventually blow into the machine, it sends air flowing over carbon nanotubes thousands of times smaller than a human hair to help identify THC molecules.


But one of the possible loopholes in a weed breathalyzer could be that it could only detect THC when you’ve smoked pot. But if you’ve had edibles, the machine might have some serious problems detecting it. 


So don’t do it, man. If you are stoned, stay at home, order some food. Don’t go out for a drive.