As research into the therapeutic effects of magic mushrooms has become more widespread, new discoveries have found that it can help with a wide range of mental issues. These are still at the clinical trials stage, and one concern has always been about the potential for a bad trip in regards to psychedelics.

According to Vice, a Washington startup called CaaMTech is now working to create a strain of magic mushrooms that has no potential for a bad trip. 

A group of scientists at their research lab has spent over a year analysing the properties of different compounds found in psilocybin mushrooms. By making custom blends of mushrooms with ‘optimised properties’, it is hoped that these mushrooms can be used to treat patients.


They believe isolating the naturally-occurring compound aeruginascin could massively reduce or even remove the possibility for a bad trip.

From depression to the fear of death, it has been propounded that a clinically aided mushroom experience can help with mental issues. By eliminating the risk of negative psychedelic experiences and increasing the chances of a blissful trip, the therapy could become a lot more reliable and effective.


Plus, it’s good news for those who just want to have a fun time, I suppose – not that we’re advocating mushroom use or anything. On a completely unrelated note, I just remembered I haven’t gone foraging in a while.