If you grew up watching Koi Mil Gaya and E.T. you may have waited for someone from outer space to crash in your backyard. If recent findings are to be believed, you may find yourself one soon. So make a crib, and gather all ye wise men round. 

Apparently, a team of Canadian astronomers have detected radio waves emanating from beyond the Milky Way. This has happened for the second time

And quite possibly, it may be aliens.

Astronomy Now

Using a telescope dubbed CHIME which spans a humongous size of six hockey rinks, astronomers identified short repeating bursts of radio signals in the summer of 2018.

They submitted their findings in the Astrophysical journal, Nature.

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They claim the source of the signal to be some 1.5 billion light-years away. 

While the definite source still remains a mystery, their hypothesis states that for the waves to arrive at Earth as strong signals, they must have a potent origin.


A leading theory that is going around the astrophysical community is that the leftover cores of exploded massive stars, known as neutron stars, may be releasing short and powerful signals.


This is the second known signal coming from the same location.

While the astrophysical community lay papers deep in research determining the exact source of the signals, we, the science deficient people can play make belief that finally Jadoo mil gaya.