Climate change is the only constant: The way humans are going about their business, this is the phrase we will soon be teaching the kids.

The seasons are already getting altered, the sea levels are rising and the glaciers are melting at an alarming speed.


One such glacier became the first one to lose its ‘glacier status’ recently and while that is scary enough, more haunting was the note by the scientists regarding the same.

Called ‘A Letter To The Future’, it is addressed to the generations who will come after us and takes accountability of the actions that are costing Earth its resources.


The said glacier is named Okjökull and is situated in western Iceland on top of the volcanic mountain Ok. 

The loss of the glacier has been treated as a demise, with people of the region mourning it with a ceremony. 


Before any one of us realises, it will be too late and nature will be destroyed completely. 

To future, we are sorry.