Around 15,000 scientists from all over the world have come together to warn humanity about its failing fate and inescapable misery. 


As per a report from Independent, this ‘warning to humanity’ is an update on a similar message signed by 1,700 scientists 25 years ago.

The new notice was written as an open-letter ‘viewpoint’ and won the support of 15,364 scientists from 184 countries who agreed to offer their names as signatories. 


Our absent minded and selfish actions have resulted in planet earth standing on the verge of destruction, which will soon become irreversible.

Almost all the environmental problems mentioned then have only become worse. 

These include unavailability of fresh water, increasing population, cutting down of forests and extinction of animals.

Our only area of improvement has been the condition of the ozone layer, which goes on to show what all we can achieve if necessary measures are taken.

According to the letter, scientists, media influencers and lay citizens are not taking enough steps to control population and depletion of resources. 

“Soon it will be too late to shift course away from our failing trajectory, and time is running out. We must recognize, in our day-to-day lives and in our governing institutions, that Earth with all its life is our only home,” the letter warns.


The scientists led by US ecologist Professor William Ripple, from Oregon State University, further said, “Humanity is now being given a second notice. We are jeopardising our future by not reining in our intense but geographically and demographically uneven material consumption and by not perceiving continued rapid population growth as a primary driver behind many ecological and even societal threats”.


If this doesn’t shake you up, nothing will.