In a shocking incident which gave rise to rumours of a mutiny in the army, a scuffle ensued between jawans and army officers in Assam, leading to serious injuries on both sides. The incident was sparked off after a Jawan died from a heart attack while the unit was on a 10 km march.

Reports suggest that the soldier complained of chest pain before the march but was sent by officers nevertheless, and died during what was allegedly a punishment march, NDTV reported. This triggered a scuffle between army officers and few jawans who got emotional by their colleague’s death, leading to injuries.

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A statement by the army reported by NDTV said,

“A case of death of a jawan during routine training activity has taken place in an infantry unit in the North East. It is NOT a case of any mutiny. The Jawan complained of chest pain prior to route march – was checked by unit MO (Medical Officer) and found fit. The jawan later collapsed during route march – was brought to the Field Ambulance, where he succumbed.”

The army did admit that officers were injured, but dismissed all reports of a mutiny-like situation in the region, and reinforcement units being moved in to control the situation, The Hindu reported.

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The incident comes after another such incident was reported from Ladakh in 2012, where soldiers had attacked senior officers, after an officer allegedly thrashed one of their colleagues.

Feature image source: Reuters