As the country gears up for another day of protests against the CAA, Section 144 has been imposed in many parts of the states ruled by the BJP government. 

Indian Express

In Bengaluru, Section 144 has been imposed for 3 days starting from 6 AM today to the 21st of December. In accordance with Section 144, a  three-day ban has been issued on the assembly of more than 5 people in the city. 


Meanwhile, according to Times of India,  in Uttar Pradesh, the police have said that no permission has been given to protestors as prohibitory orders were imposed on the entire state. 


Regardless, Samajwadi Party and some other organisations had announced that they will be protesting against the law today.

Meanwhile, NDTV has reported that closer to home, Delhi police has barricaded roads and imposed traffic restrictions in view of planned protests. The Delhi-Gurgaon border was among the worst affected.

Hindustan Times

The police have also imposed bans on large gatherings near the Red Fort area. Traffic cops have been checking every car on the way to ensure that potential protesters don’t get in.