Just a day after a blast rocked the Thai capital city of Bangkok, another explosion has created panic among residents. The second blast was a result of a bomb being hurled from a bridge over the Chao Phraya river.

Source: RT

Though no deaths or injuries were caused, the police are at the scene and are also surveying the area. The reports of the bomb, which seems to have been caused by a small explosive device, comes as the authorities are hunting for an identified suspect.

The bomb was thrown at a parking lot near the pier which is meant for rental cars and taxis. But fortunately it missed the target and bounced into the river causing a minor explosion.

Watch the video caught on CCTV:


Had the bomb not landed in the water, it might have caused much more damage.Police have sealed off the area and are trying to investigate if the incident is linked to yesterday’s devastating explosion .

Authorities said that the device used was a pipe bomb and was intended to explode on the pier. One half of the Sathorn pier has been closed, while boat operations continue on the spot frequented by Chinese tourists. A Search for remnants of the pipe bomb is underway.

Meanwhile, Bangkok remains on the edge, as successive incidents have heightened fear among the general public.