For years and years people have been looking for the secret to a longer life. Turns out, science may have an answer to longevity. At least for us ladies. It is, our veere, our girlfriends.

According to a study, spending time with your friends has huge health benefits.

Source: India Today

Not getting permission for the girl-trip you want to go to? Quote this study and go for it!


Reportedly, staying around our friends' can help lower our risk of heart diseases

The study also shows that having large group of friends has a strong correlation with one's ability to tolerate pain (bye bye, cramps). 


The study credits this to the hormones released in our body, namely, oxytocin (also called the 'cuddle hormone', aww).

According to Michigan State University psychologist William Chopik,

The bonding we experience from quality time with friends is a strong predictor of health and happiness for older adults.
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This explains why we need our best friends around whenever we are sick, lonely or going through heartbreak. 

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It's now backed by research. Friendship is a powerful pain reliever, as studies have shown exposure to oxytocin leads to faster wound healing. 

In fact, according to a research led by Harvard, being lonely resulted in a shorter lifespan. 

According to the research,  

Good connections can improve health and increase longevity. 
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Seems like planning a trip with the squad is next on the to-do list!