What might possibly be the only time Jerry Seinfeld will be associated with sorrow, the Seinfeld show which was supposed to happen in Mumbai on March 14-15 has been cancelled.

The reason being given is ‘not enough parking space’ at the venue, NSCI in Mumbai, which you might remember as the place which hosted the infamous AIB roast recently.

The Mumbai Police, a few days before the show, raised concerns about inadequate parking space for the estimated 5,000 strong crowd which was expected to attend the two day event.

The organisers apparently ran around the authorities trying to sort the issue and even looked for alternate venues for the event, but they clearly failed.

What’s the deal with parking here anyway?

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For those of you who do not understand who Jerry Seinfeld is or why his show is such a big deal, you are either a baby just born or tragically uninitiated into the most AWESOME comedy routines ever.

Or you might be the Mumbai Police.

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He is considered one of the greatest stand-up comics of our generation and watching Seinfeld , a show he co-created and co-wrote with Larry David, people discovered that the television is oddly sympathetic to the problems they face everyday.

And it was hilarious watching our sad lives on TV.

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India is a country of 1.2 billion population. And most of the people have cars. We ALWAYS have a parking problem. It is not like people bought MORE cars for the event. The tickets costing Rs. 7,500 kinda made sure you did not buy one anyway.

While some may argue that public convenience and traffic problems should ideally prioritise above a comedy show, we believe that cancelling the show was a bit of an over-reaction.

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As the Mumbai Police hides behind ‘we were only doing our jobs’, it is unfortunate that they found their work ethic about THREE days before the event. The organisers too, could have outlined parking measures and prepared alternate venues beforehand and prevented this from happening. Like long, long ago.

Everybody’s timing is so messed up.

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To the fans who specially went to Mumbai to watch the show, kudos on your dedication. Now you have a long weekend ahead to sit at Bandra Bandstand and cry about your luck.

Try not to assault the traffic cops in anguish.

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Time to go back to our dreary lives and maybe watch re-runs of a show about ‘nothing’.

Or maybe some good ol’fashioned stand-up. Here is his show I’m Telling You For The Last Time.

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Funny guy, him.

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