The salacious selfie strikes again. A 21-year-old woman fell to her death while trying to take a selfie while site seeing in Moscow. Anna Krupeynikova was leaning against a fence while trying to take a picture of herself, the fence gave way, and Anna fell off the bridge and died.

Anna Krupeynikova, a tourism graduate, was travelling around Moscow with some friends, completely unaware of what evil awaited her. How could she have ever known that something so seemingly innocent as a selfie could be the cause of her death.

According to Russian officials, Anna’s is not the first such case. Evidently this clever technological advancement has struck a number of unsuspecting victims before. So much so that the Russian government released a public awareness campaign about the dangers of taking selfies . The officials said over 100 selfie related injuries have taken place this year alone.

Interior Ministry of Russia

Russia is not the only country to succumb to the powers of the selfie. Over the last few years people from around the world have fallen to their fate while indulging their narcissistic needs.

Something must be done about the dangers of the selfie, before it continues its mission of world domination. We must not allow the human race to fall at the hands of this technological mastermind.

But first lemme take a selfie!