“Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.” ― James E Faust

Losing your personal belongings in public is probably the worst nightmare. Finding what you lost in a public place is close to impossible but there are some kind and honest souls out there who willingly go that extra mile to return what what you lost. 


At least, that’s what these CISF jawans did. A team of CRPF personnels found a bag containing over ₹58,000 in cash and returned it to its rightful owner. 

The bag belonged to Kanta, a woman who forgot to collect her bag from the X-BIS (X-Ray Baggage Inspection System) in Green Park Metro Station, Delhi.

The CISF jawans first checked the bag for security purposes and found cash and some important documents which had the contact number of the owner mentioned on it. That’s how they eventually got in touch with the lady. 


Kanta was called back to metro station and was escorted to the Station Controller Room where she was handed over her bag after verifying her credentials. She was quite impressed by the CISF jawans for being so honest and trustworthy. 

Heart-touching stories like this will always make us believe that good still prevails in the world.