Note: The article incorrectly stated the officer was Arun Bothra. The error has been corrected.

In a recent video on Twitter, Gupteshwar Pandey, a senior IPS officer of Bihar poured his heart out, with regards to how it is not only their (police officials) job to catch criminals, society also has an equal part to play in it.

In a video, shared by Arun Bothra, the officer says catching a criminal is solely not the work of a police officer, we are just a medium to catch a criminal but until and unless the society doesn’t wake up and raise their voice against such criminals in unison nothing is ever going to change. 

He goes on to say that we as a society support criminals in the name of caste, religion and party by welcoming them with garlands and by worshiping them and making them heroes.

Mr. Pandey further explains that the police as a unit can only do their job if the society also raises their voice against criminals irrespective of their caste, name, religion or party, only then, there will be a change. Twitter also agrees with him on this. 

This is something worth pondering upon. What do you think?