Protestors have taken to the streets in Delhi and Bengaluru in large numbers to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act, despite the imposition of Section 144. 
The situation across the country still remains tense as multiple protests are taking place even in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh and Jaipur.

After the initial reports of violence inside Jamia Millia Islamia University done by the police on the students, people across the country took to the streets to express solidarity with the students.

But, amidst all the chaos and tension there was one such protester whose image stood out from the crowd. 

An elderly woman named Azra Apa who is also a Jamia alumni and the head of the Hindi Department was seen in a wheelchair taking part in the protest. 

This powerful image that is winning hearts on the internet was shared on social media by a Twitter user named Ali Shervani. 

The biting cold and the chaotic environment did not stop Azra Apa from protesting against the CAA and the violence that was done by the Delhi police on the students. 
She is the daughter of Padmashri awardee Ghulam Rabbabi Taban and the wife of Professor Mujeeb Rizvi. 

People on Twitter also lauded her determination to fight for justice and equality. 

Truly inspiring!