Those who are recruited in the Indian Army attend everything, be it namaz, morning mass or mandir. They may be separated by religion, but at the end of the day, they are united by faith and this picture is proof of the same. 

Instagram user, who goes by the name power_beard, posted this powerful image on social media and talked about how people from all walks of life come to join the Indian Army. 

All religions are given equal respect in the Indian Army. And everyone, be it a Hindu, a Christian or a Muslim attend all auspicious functions together as one unit.

He also goes on to reveal that both houses of worship (Puja ghar and Namaz ghar) are located under a single roof, next to each other and are called as the "Sarv Dharma Sthal".


For those who don't know, Sarva Dharma is a Hindu concept which means embodying the equality of the destination of the paths followed by all religions (Although the paths themselves may be different). 

Wondering, why we are sharing this post? Well, it is a great example of what religious harmony means and looks like. An individual's religion may differ, but the underlying concept that each religion teaches us is the same, so essentially, all religions are equal. 

Soon, this picture also went viral on Reddit. People were quite pleased to see diversity and unity in the Indian Army. 


This picture is worth a thousand words, indeed.