It’s been almost a month since anti-CAA protests began at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi. The sit-in organised by Muslim women here have continued despite the chilling cold and rain in Delhi.


This Sunday, 12th January, saw one of the largest gatherings at Shaheen Bagh, ever since the protests started. Thousands of people gathered at the spot to show their solidarity with the protesting women. 

People of different faiths came together to participate in a multi-faith prayer ceremony. The Preamble to the India Constitution was also read along with the readings of the Bible, Quran and Gita.

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We need more Shaheen Baghs. Across Delhi; across India. More people out on the streets reminding a nation what it means to protest, to dissent in a democracy. To remind people what it is to be patriotic & passionate about our country. The spirit of the protest lives on in Shaheen Bagh, day after day, night after night. Through the harsh winter & the dampening rain; but not once has the harshness hardened their hearts, nor has the rain dampened their souls. They do not rest, they do not pause. They persist, despite the difficulties and against all odds. Peacefully, beautifully. THAT is protest. THAT is spirit. And while the residents of Delhi & other cities marvel the humans of Shaheen Bagh for their grit, for their determination, unless we all feel that way, echo that sentiment, this movement will remain restrictive. Unless more areas across various different cities don’t become Shaheen Baghs in their own right, echoing the call of freedom through the silence of the night, night after night, we will remain easy to manipulate. We need to disrupt our routine. We need to disrupt our own order so as to be noticed more & more. Shaheen Bagh is a symbol & will continue to remain one but, the symbol should be the beginning of that change. It should take root & stem in every part of the ground until they have nowhere to step or turn without seeing us fighting for what we believe in. It started with Shaheen Bagh, let it continue through each and everyone of us.And I request you to come, be a part of it and carry the word forward. Contribute. The roads of Kalindi Kunj have been converted into a protest hub. Crowds throng day & night, singing, sloganeering & dissenting. This crowd can be bigger; this voice can be louder. Come join the humans of Shaheen Bagh after the day & night hourly protests are over. Create – a Shaheen Bagh nearby and let the sounds echo through and draw more people in. This is revolution. The spirit of India. We’re a population of 1.3 billion. It’s time to unite now. #shaheenbagh #indiaagainstcaa_nrc #jnu #delhi #fromwhereistand #revolution #change #ourtimeisnow #inquilabzindabad

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It was truly incredible to see scores of people coming out and joining protests at Shaheen Bagh.