The Citizenship Amendment Bill that was introduced in the Lok Sabha has now been passed by both the houses of the Parliament.

Both the houses debated for hours on the controversial bill with several leaders from the Opposition parties pointing out the problematic areas. One among them was Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.

India Today

Recently, he shared a video on Instagram, where he is concluding his speech that was interrupted in the house during the debate.

The bill in its present form only talks about the minorities who migrated to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

In the video, Tharoor questions the government for not incorporating the minorities from other neighbouring countries like Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

He also makes a point for all those immigrants who do not speak Hindi, but are also a crucial part of our nation.

At one point he even quoted PM Modi emphasising the importance of debate in a democracy. 

Loktantra mein jyada taakat tab aati hai, jab hum sehmati ke raaste par chalte hai. Iss sadan mein ek taraf jyada log hai, isliye unko yeh adhikaar nahin mil jata ki jo chahe woh karein.

It is being feared that the new bill is aimed against the Muslim population of India.

Tharoor also urged the ruling government to not reduce us to a Hindu nation and rather respect its diversity.

Talking about offering shelter to the persecuted minorities, he emphasised on the fact that we should not affiliate any religion with it.

Because diversity of religions has always been the essence of India as a nation.

He ends on a note urging the government to not betray the rich history and legacy of our nation that our freedom fighters and Constitution-makers left for us.

You can watch the video here.