The Rohingya crisis has been “plaguing” the country for a few months now, or that’s what prime-time anchors would let you believe. There have been arguments both in favour of and against these refugees who have been escaping a genocide in Myanmar.


While many political leaders have shied away from commenting, a few others have openly said that Rohingyas are not our problem and hence should be sent back.


And then there is Lok Sabha MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor. Tharoor, who is considered to be one of the very few liberal leaders in the country on 30th September, made a post on Facebook regarding the refugee crisis in India.

Indian Express

The poem by Brian Bilston needs to be read from top to bottom and the other way around or you to understand the situation. 

Here’s the Facebook post for your reference:

The poem, when read conventionally reeks of the privilege of being happy and secure. When read from bottom to top, it puts a mirror in front and evokes the sense of morality, to open the doors for not so different people suffering from mass murder and worse.