Okay, someone please get chai and Parle-G for Shashi Tharoor. He needs to relax. 

Like, sit in the balcony and have a conversation with himself, using words that don’t exceed 4 alphabets.

Because ab zyaada ho raha hai

Yesterday, Hansal Mehta tagged Tharoor in a post, where comedian Saloni Gaur was imitating him. Responding to the same, the politician tweeted:

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. I mean…

Isse 5 bachchon ke naam nikal aayenge.

Turns out it means ‘fear of long words’.

As for sesquipedalian, it sounds like an exotic dish you wouldn’t mind overpaying for. According to Google, it means ‘characterized by long words’.

Anyway, Twitter understandably started flipping over this, and here are some of the reactions.

Sir, what is this?